Saturday Plan

Departure and Travel

Breakfast is available from 0745 to 0900. Remember to pick up your packed lunch!

Today we have a late start because our car park does not open until about 1000. We leave the hotel at 0945 and drive to the car park at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. We hope to be walking shortly after 1000.

The Walk

Since we have to start late, the walk is a little over 4 miles with very gentle gradients. It is based on the Acton Scott Wander published by the Historic Working Farm, but we are taking a shortcut. The leaflet suggests we ascend to the top of Ragleth Hill to enjoy the view, but the ascent is very steep. If anyone really wants to do it, you are free to leave the group and then make your own way back. Click for a map of the walk.


We will have packed lunches, and there is a picnic area next to the car park. There is also a café where hot drinks are available.

The Afternoon

We have made no specific plans for Saturday afternoon. You can find ideas by clicking the Afternoons button.


Dinner will be at 1915.

Former Village School, Acton Scott by Philip Pankhurst

Former Village School, Acton Scott
  © Copyright Philip Pankhurst and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.