Arnold Edward’s ALLAN Ancestors

Margaret ALLAN

She lived all her life in Glasgow, and was a dressmaker before her marriage.

George ALLAN

He was brought up in Pluscarden, Elgin, but in his teens moved into the town of Elgin, where he worked as a tailor. Although he married in Glagow, his wife was also from Elgin.

Robert ALLAN

He appears to have spent the whole of his life in Elgin, where he was a wright or carpenter.

There is no record in the Moray IGI or the index to the Elgin Baptismal Register of Robert ALLANís baptism. His death certificate gives his parents as William ALLAN and Nancy CHAPMAN, but I have some doubts. They are known to have had children in 1792, 1793 and 1796. Robert was born around 1816, by which time Agnes CHAPMAN was 45. This is clearly possible. However, it appears from the 1851 census that their daughter Ann, born 1796, never married, and this suggests the possibility that Robert was her illegitimate son adopted by his grandparents. There is probably no way of resolving this.

William ALLAN

All I know about him is that in 1796 he was a merchant in Elgin.


There is no proof yet that John ALLAN and Elizabeth SINCLAIR are ancestors, but I have not found another William ALLAN who would fit. Among the witnesses to the baptisms of the children of William ALLAN and Agnes CHAPMAN were Elizabeth, James and Anne SINCLAIR.

Isoble ALLAN

All I know of her is that she lived with her husband in Pluscarden. There is no reason to suppose that she was related to the above ALLANs

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