Barbara Edward’s GARTHWAITE Ancestors


We don’t know why she moved from Ecclefechan to Liverpool, but she was only 18 when she married. The marriage may broken down, because she died in 1845 at her parents’ home in Ecclefechan, and her gravestone does not even mention the name POWELL.


In 1841 he was a Labourer: Roads & Pumps, in 1851 a Farmer of 50 acres. He appears to have spent most of his life in Ecclefechan.


He was in Innkeeper, mainly in Ecclefechan.

Little is known of this Thomas GARTHWAITE, but we suspect that he was not a native of Ecclefechan, & that all the local GARTHWAITEs were descended from him.

One theory was that Thomas GARTHWAITE & Ann HARRISON were born & brought up in Lanchester (see Parish Registers), & eloped to Gretna Green to get married, then settled in Ecclefechan. Since they had fallen out with their parents, they did not name any children after them. However, as more facts have come to light this looks less & less likely.

We know that a John GARTHWAITE who died before 1789Jul30 “possessed” the Queensberry Arms Inn in Annan, & that Thomas GARTHWAITE, who died aged 30 in 1789 was an Innkeeper, probably in Kirkpatrick Fleming. We also know of a John GARTHWAITE who fled leaving Mini MAXWELL pregnant in Kirkpatrick Fleming in 1787, & that there was a Jean GARTHWAITE in Annan in 1800. The most plausible explanation is that the John of the Queensberry Arms was the father of John, Thomas & Jean. Clearly more evidence is needed.

Thomas GARTHWAITE of Barnby Dun had father Thomas & a brother John, so looks a little more likely than the Lanchester one.

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