Barbara Edward’s TURLAND Ancestors

Alice Catherine TURLAND

She may have been apprenticed to tailoring.

She was brought up in Rugby, but after her marriage she lived in Alsager. On her husband’s retirement she returned to Rugby, and then to Chaddesden, Derby.

Edwin Thomas TURLAND

He was a fireman on the London & North West Railway, based in Rugby. Sometime before the birth of his last child, he lost both legs in an accident on the railway. When he had recovered sufficiently, he returned to the railway company to work as a cashier.

He was brought up in Newbold, but spent his adult life in Rugby.


He had numerous occupations, including Labourer, Railway Porter, Stonebreaker at Kilns, Clerk of Parish & Lime Burner.

He lived all his life in Newbold on Avon parish, possibly in Long Lawford.


He was a Labourer, then an Agent to the Lime Works (now Rugby Cement). He lived in Long Lawford in Newbold parish.


TURLAND is a Northamptonshire name, but around 1770 William, John, & StephenTURLAND appeared in the Newbold area. We speculated that they might be brothers, and we foundsome who fitted in Charwelton and Byfield.


The evidence in support of George TURLAND is quite strong. When Stephen TURLAND married at Monks Kirby in 1762 his age was 24 which fits correctly. When William TURLAND died in 1829 his age was given as 82, which is a close fit. There was also a John TURLAND who married in Monks Kirby in 1766. It looks quite likely that these three were brothers. On the other hand, a John TURLAND married in Byfield in 1786 & had children at least until 1802, so could be the son of George. A William TURLAND had one child in Byfield in 1796, & could also be George’s son, so more work is needed.


I know nothing more about him.

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