General Information


The Sidmouth area is hilly, so it is not possible to offer flat coastal walks. Barbara and I have worked with John and Linda to devise walks which should suit the group, some of which will be led by me and some by Sue V.

As we are a large group, on both the Saturday and the Sunday we will be offering a choice of two walks, one more demanding than the other. On the first and last days we have inland walks which are less hilly. Overall, they are from 2.6 to 6 miles, and anyone who is used to walking with us at home should have no problems with the easier walks. We might decide to alter the order of the walks depending on the weather.


Walking boots are essential, as some stretches are rough and possibly muddy. If you usually walk with a pole, do bring it. Be sure to bring waterproof clothing; I intend to carry an umbrella.

Travel Costs

If you are not a driver, please be prepared to pay your share of your driver’s costs. Apart from petrol, there will be a small amount for parking.

Other Costs

The afternoons of Saturday and Sunday are free, and you will probably want to visit some of the area’s attractions. Obviously, you will have to pay your own entry fees. If you are a member of National Trust, bring your card and your car sticker. You might also find your bus pass useful.

Sidmouth Park

Sidmouth Park
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