Thursday Plan


We will leave Norton Grange immediately after breakfast, preferably by 0915. We will drive about 15 miles to a forest car park near Wootton Bridge, which lies between Newport and Ryde. Google gives 30 minutes for the journey, but traffic can be very slow around Newport, so it may take longer. There are no toilets at the car park or anywhere on the walk, but there is one at a car park on the right on the entry to Wootton Bridge.

The Walk

We hope to be walking by 1000. The walk is about 4½ miles (2¼ hours) with easy gradients through varied scenery, including the forest and views over the Solent. There is some unpleasant road walking. We pass the present-day Quarr Abbey and the ruins of the ancient Quarr Abbey. There are two possible shortcuts, both entirely on roads. Click for a map and for a risk assessment of the walk. This is based on the walk we did in 2011, but our daughter has recommended a diversion to the river which is shown on the map. We will check this on Tuesday afternoon, and decide whether to include it.

Distance and Time Estimates

Full walk 7.25km 4.5m (2:15 to 3:00)
 Omitting Quarr Abbey 6.25km 3.9m (2:00 to 2:35)
 Omitting War Memorial 6.9km 4.3m (2:10 to 2:50)
 Omitting both 5.9km 3.7m (1:50 to 2:25)


There is a pub in Wootton Bridge which you will see as you drive through, and another at Fishbourne which we will walk past. There is also a tea shop at Quarr Abbey. Those who go to Osborne House have the option of eating there, but it can be very busy.

The Afternoon

We have no specific plan for Thursday afternoon, but Wootton Bridge is close to Osborne House, and we know most people want to go there. For other ideas, click on the Afternoons button.

Quarr Abbey

Quarr Abbey
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