General Information


The Isle of Wight is quite hilly, but all of our walks are relatively low level and only about 4 miles. Anyone who is used to walking with us at home should have no problems.

We are a large group, with potentially 36 people walking. This is above the current limit of 30 imposed by the government, and it is also rather an uncomfortably large number to lead. So we will be walking as two groups, a faster and a slower one, which I will try to make around the same size. I will lead the faster group, and I have produced instructions which should enable the slower group to follow the walk without keeping the faster one in sight. Our normal Saturday walks vary a lot in speed from 1.5mph to 2.0mph, so I have estimated times for the walks based on these two speeds. In case the weather is bad or the slower group feels the walk is taking too long I have suggested shortcuts. I have also included an easy almost flat walk which can be done by anyone who wants a more relaxing walk.


Walking boots are recommended, although good trainers will probably do for most walks. If you usually walk with a pole, be sure to bring it. The Isle of Wight has a generally mild climate, but do bring waterproof clothing. I intend to carry an umbrella.

Travel Costs

If you are not a driver, please be prepared to pay your share of your driver’s costs. The ferry fare is subsidised by Warners at 20 per car. Apart from petrol, there will be a small amount for parking.

Other Costs

This year we are giving you a free day on Wednesday, in addition to the free afternoons of Tuesday and Thursday. You will probably want to visit some of the island’s attractions. Obviously, you will have to pay your own entry fees. Bear in mind that you may have to book before you leave home to comply with Covid restrictions. If you are a member of National Trust or English Heritage, bring your card.

Tennyson Monument

Tennyson Monument